Digital Advertising Market in India

Digital Advertising Market in India and Skills required in digital marketing.

As internet penetration in India is at only 34% of the population. India is the second-most populous country in the world, it has got a large number of Internet users. Still, television advertisement has a share of 39.4% of the total advertising budget. Newspapers got 34% of the advertising budget in 2017. Digital got only 15% of the advertising budget in 2017.

Skills required in digital marketing
Digital marketing is a new field, Digital Marketing (DM) is complex and it requires a different skill set. It’s difficult for one person to become a digital marketer.

The skillset required for the digital marketer.

  1. Assume
  2. Sense
  3. Doing

1. Assume: Digital marketers can think differently and conceptualize. Digital Marketing should have analytical skills, he/she should be able to run campaigns, display, and optimizes.

2. Sense: It is one of the most important skills of digital marketing. It is the ability to empathize with your customers and trying to found out the actual difficulties and pain. This skill enables the digital marketer to identify the strategy to target the audience.

3. Doing: Digital marketing requires a lot of execution. You need people who can understand the brand, who can create content for the brand. You need a person who is a graphic designer, a graphic designer can create images, videos. Graphic designers should be able to understand the brand values and should be able to design graphics and videos which are aligned with the brands.

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