What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is also called Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, or Online Marketing. Digital Marketing is the promotion of a product/brand through website, blogs, social media, mobile …

Digital Marketing is now totally changing marketing. Marketing a product means showing the product in a better way. Similarly, Digital Marketing means showing the product in a better way but Digitally (digitally means through Computer, Tab, Laptop, Mobile, using the internet)
Why Digital Marketing is gaining momentum?
Digital Marketing is gaining momentum because nowadays consumers spend more and more time on Internet (Online) by using Mobile, Laptops, Desktop Computers.

Characteristics of Digital Marketing?

  • Two Way Communication – In Digital World, consumers decide the brand they want to communicate with
  • One Target – Age-wise, location wise, gender-wise, income-wise, interest-wise.
  • Budgeted and Impressive – Digital Marketing does not require big budgets. Traditional Marketing is costlier, Traditional Marketing requires a huge budget, but Digital Marketing does not require Big Budget, big and small businesses can also go for Digital Marketing to promote their product and Brand.
  • Measurability – Digital Marketing gives the power of measurability. Digital Marketing ensures the measurement of performance and calculation. One can easily find out the performance of any advertisement through digital marketing. Digital Marketing also enables us to find Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Instant Feedback – In Digital Marketing, marketers get instant feed. As the consumers see the advertisement, consumers either like it, share it or comment on the advertisement. Real-Time instant feedback gives the advertisers instant feedback, this leads the advertisers to decide on change in the advertisement. This improves the Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Flexible Plans – Instant feedback leads to flexibility in the planning. As the advertisers can decide the planning on marketing and change the plan accordingly.
  • Short Term Plan – Instant feedback on the marketed product leads to the advertiser to go either for the short term plan of long-term plan for their advertisement

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Digital Marketing

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